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Periodically we organize several Open thematic Exhibitions of Net Art

DAFT GALLERY | Anonymous Post-Internet Artists

Daft Gallery believes in the strength and the potential of anonymous artists. We are therefore deeply committed to the growth and development of this kind of artists, and through a market oriented approach and promotion internationally.
Daft Gallery supports and represents anonymous artists whom, in their work, remain true to their convictions and their ideals. We are the intermediary between artist and client and place equal value on the interests of both parties. As gallery we offer the artists a professional and stable basis which serves as a solid foundation for the development of their careers. We support not only the development of the artist, but also the development of the art market, since ultimately this benefits the artist as well as the client. It is after of great interest to the client, when the artist he or she has invested in, is capable of growing professionally. This process is also particularly well served when the number of collectors of Post-Internet Art increases. Our international goal is to increasingly present and promote anonymous artists.
For another art galleries that are searching new ways of art, we offer our service. In close collaboration with the client the most fitting selection is put together for each particular space.


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You can make the difference in the live of art worldwide. Do something amazing by helping change the live of ephemeral art. Help us help this, which is the most vulnerable way of art.Together with supporters like you, we can save, an online Net Art exhibition that gathers more than 200 works dealing with the concept of money.
To help Net Art on worldwide scale, depends of the generosity of philanthropic individuals like you. Giving in your will is the best way to ensure future of the most vulnerable art can survive. Your gift will directly impact our effort to fulfill our mission: supporting net art.

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FILE #01 | Digital Aesthetics

FILE is an e-book promoted by which analyses the intersections between Philosophy, Art, and computing communication processes on the internet. FILE is an open call for dialogue that attempts to bring together different theoretical and practical fields of criticism and reflection on digital art. Developed from an academic context, but emerging from a need to reach beyond it and to establish links with the artistic production, FILE is created with the intention of compile essays in order to link theoretical perspectives, practices, and reflection on the Digital Arts.
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_1st Open thematic Exhibition

MON3Y as an 3RRR0R | MON3Y.US
Happening 2.0 & curated by Vasily Zaitsev
Online Vernissage September 23rd, 2013

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Curatorial Text
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"Best Online Project 2014
@Transcultures | Belgium


"Best Non Institutional Curatorial Project 2013"
RAC 2013 Spanish Annual National Art Awards!!!! NOMINATED
@MNCARS Museo Reina Sofía

IAC Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo


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____________________________________ has been include in MONEYLAB
of Institute Networks Culture | Holland has been review in Curating Youtube
by Robert Sakrowski | Germany | Th3 F1lm 14'57''